How Does This Work? (More details)

Relationships Are Key

We understand that a business in only part of your life, and you have much more going on. We also know that usually an entrepreneur starts a company from their own personal strengths and passions infused with their unique personality. That uniqueness is what sets you apart from the crowd, regardless of what you sell. 

Because of that, we want to get to know you. We want to know that the working relationship will be a catalyst of peace & productivity rather than headache & endless emails. We are here to support your mission and success. 

The Process:

  • You decide the areas that you want to start with & reach out to us. 
  • Schedule a discovery chat that works with your schedule. 
  • Fill out the short questionnaire to keep the chat focused. 
  • We chat to know each other, and your project better. You interview us, we get to know you. We set out a plan and discuss your needs in further details. 

If we both think it's a good fit, we send you a few things: 

  • A deeper questionnaire to get to know the ins & outs of your business so we work like you would. 
  • A service contract detailing what you can expect, ensuring you get exactly what you wanted.
  • The first invoice. Services are paid up front. Teal Blue holds the funds for your protection as well as the Assistant's protection. You are guaranteed satisfaction or you get a refund. Simple as that. (No one's going to take your money and run!) For ongoing work, you will receive an invoice before the next package is started or we can set up auto renewal.

  • Meanwhile, we work on your behalf to match your project with the most qualified and available assistant in our company. Once we receive the payment, you are matched.
    • You get a copy of their portfolio, helping you get a feel for them, their history and experience, as well as a little about who they are away from the computer. 
    • They get the details of the job, access to the info, and start working. 

  • Communication between you and your team of assistants happen through email. We keep copies of all messages in one central location on our side. This allows the team to look at answers and you won't have 3 people asking you the same questions. Note: Assistants are self employed and work their own set schedules while maintaining awareness and completing tasks by agreed upon deadlines. 

  • Once you are satisfied with your service package, you will receive the deliverables & a survey. The survey shows us areas we can grow & a place for an optional testimonial. We use those in the Assistant or us to use on this site or in social media (with an alias or your real name, your choice) if you wish. 

Relationships are the core of all we do

Relationships are the core of all we do