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How does bookkeeping help me? Can't I just keep my receipts in my email inbox and a shoe box in the closet for my CPA to deal with?

     While that is one method of keeping track of receipts for tax reporting, it's not the most efficient or effective. Not only is a bookkeepers fees much lower than a CPA's bookkeeping helps with more than just tax time. Keeping up with business numbers on a regular basis, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, helps you, the CEO, make informed decisions. Knowing where your money is going or coming from can greatly help in knowing where to keep investing or reallocate. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports will give you those numbers. They're delivered to your inbox automatically. 

What Products do you support?

     Currently we support Quick Books Online. Quickbooks Online is the gold standard of online bookkeeping and accounting programs. 

     As we continue to expand, we will be offering more software/online platforms. 

How do I know I can trust you?

     We choose to set things up online for that very reason. You can always have full access to all of your numbers. Since we have access granted by you, you can pull that access any time. You're always in the drivers seat. The work we do is completely transparent between you and your bookkeeper. 

     We also ask that you don't share passwords directly to your bookkeeper, but instead use a third party password keeper like LastPass, so we never see your login credentials. We don't even want to have access. We don't have an affiliate link or get any sponsorship money for suggesting them, we believe in their services and use them ourselves. 

     Lastly, our bookkeepers have gone through a background check and intensely interviewed for integrity and honesty. We don't do a lie detector test, but almost. Teal Blue Virtual Assisting is based on relationships and relationships are built on trust. We know that you using our services is a great privilege and you have many options, so we want to do all we can to earn and keep your trust. 

     If the above weren't enough, Teal Blue Virtual Assisting carries Cyber Insurance (which covers if our clients’ records are exposed) and additionally we only have bookkeepers who to carry their own insurance. Each bookkeeper is an independent contractor on behalf of Teal Blue Virtual Assisting, so they are in business for themselves.  We advise that you also have your own business insurance as well. 

     Once systems are set up, bookkeeping becomes more of a maintenance than a full time job. But, it is essential to have systems that your CPA (who costs a premium) can use and understand. That's where we come in. You will be set up for success if you don't have a system, or if like many, your systems just get you by but you could use a tune up. 

Our bookkeepers have experience in various industries, understand bookkeeping best practices, can help you stay on top of your numbers, and give you the peace of mind of knowing your trusted, vetted VA has your back. 

What makes Teal Blue VA different?

     We only bring on people with integrity and competence. We are a North American based company with assistants in the US and Canada. If you have an assistant in another country, not only can the time difference alone be a struggle, but language barriers exist that can make communication that much harder. We only have native english speakers, with Japanese, French and/or Spanish as second languages.

     We are a team that works together with one another for your benefit. If you have someone who posts products on your website, they can tell your bookkeeper to add that to the chart of accounts. You only have to let us know one time and we keep your business fully integrated. One message, whoever on the team needs to know, will know. 

How does this work?

     First, we will have an initial discovery chat. We can do a Zoom chat (or Skype video chat) or a phone call. This helps us get to know you, if you are a good fit for us and if we can help you. We are a little picky with our client base. We believe in quality over quantity. We will be working and investing our time, talent, and energy into your business, so we want to make sure we're a good fit. On the other side of that coin, you get to check us out as well and we'll answer any questions you may still have. 

     During our chat, we will go over your business overall and look at all the ways we can relieve your stress and free you up to focus on making money. Based on our conversation, we match you with the assistants on our team that would be a good fit with their skills, as well as personality. Sometimes it has to do with time zones and availability, sometimes it has to do with experience, sometimes it has to do with who has the capacity to take on your project with excellence. That's the benefit of using an agency. We do all that for you. 

     Once we have established your team of assistants, you get their profiles with a short bio, their experience in their fields, and some examples (if applicable) of their work. 

     Once we get the initial payment, and contract signed, we send any Q sheets (questionnaires) for further details and uploads to help us do our jobs with excellence. (This is where you would link your LastPass login info, for example) If you'd rather, we can do that over the phone for a small fee.  

     If you only need bookkeeping services at this time, we still have an initial discovery chat, and then we find a time that would work for you and your best matched bookkeeper to chat about how they can help and their fees. The first chat is a kind of gate keeping process we have to protect our assistants, as well as a chance to get to know you so we know which bookkeeper would work best with you. One call is like interviewing many bookkeepers. We've done that work for you already. If, for some reason, after talking to your matched assistant or bookkeeper, you decide you aren't a good match, we can find you another one. You are always in the drivers seat. 

     A note on our systems:

     There are sites out there where you can just give someone your info and they run reports without ever building relationship and trust. That's not the core of who we are. We think people are more than just the job they do and you are more than the business you run. We help people own and run a successful business for the present and future to help them enjoy the journey and their lives now. 

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We would love to get to know your unique situation. Bookkeeping is like personal nutrition, no "one size fits all". Let us see how we can work with and for you to get this necessary part of running a business setup and maintained.