About Us

Our Passion


People are our passion; our assistants, our clients, & our neighbor. 

First, a company is only as good as its people & we value our people very much. Our assistants have their own set of expertise they bring to the table when they join. We honor that. We also provide excellent training & a mentoring program to continue learning & growth. The more they know, the better they do, & the better we all are.  

Our clients are out there changing & improving the world through their products & services. We love to celebrate with them when they have a victory or reach a milestone. We also are here to help them overcome challenges in their business or organization through our services. We know they aren't just a number or source of revenue, but people, just like us - & we treat them as such. 

Thirdly, we believe in the phrase, "No man is an island". So we donate 10% of our revenue to charity & organizations who make a difference - locally, nationally, & globally. 

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Our Approach


Our service starts with getting to know you & your business needs. We immediately send you a form to answer a few quick questions to give us a guide to our conversation. 

 Then we set up a virtual consult (we call it a discovery-chat) to help get to know you, your expectations, & how we will partner with & serve you.  

Finally, with what you've told us of your needs & wants, we design a comprehensive package that includes a project plan with timelines & milestones, & a schedule. You'll get info on the people on your team & get a chance to meet with them too. Great communication & relationships ensure quality & success.

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Why Us?


We care about you as a person, as well as your business success. 

We know  it can be overwhelming to own & run a small business or lead an organization. We're inspired to help. That's what makes us unique. We really want to help you. We want you to win. Whatever that looks like for you. 

We curate a team of assistants who know what they're doing really well & can do it for you & with you. 

It's not easy to get on the Teal Blue VA Team. Character, skill, & commitment are just some of the minimum requirements to work with our dear clients. 

We welcome your thoughts on how we're doing & want to learn to do it better. Really! Tell us how it is! We wanna know. 

Talk to us today about how we can support you in taking some of the day-to-day off your shoulders.

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