Relationship Oriented Virtual Services

Helping business owners get back to their passions & life

Relationship Oriented Virtual Services

Helping business owners get back to their passions & life

About Us

Relationally oriented

What does that mean?

It means we get to know you: your needs, passions, & your working preferences. Then we can match you with your own team of qualified assistants. We create a team just as unique as you & your business. They are not only chosen based on technical skill, but also based on personality. Who would you relate to best?

It means we are a group of people who  actually care about you, not just a paycheck. We care about the passion behind why you started this business in the first place. We care about your success. We care about your work/life integration. That's why we're here. So you can spend your time on what matters to you. 

It means we can build trust. We feel you will be happier if you know about those who are helping you. 

We're Always Learning

As a newer company, though each member brings years of experience, we are all learning together as technology & opportunities change for business owners in the digital realm. We are open to learning company & industry specific software to support your organization.

Each Assistant has access to training in our Assistant's Academy for the tasks they are entrusted with. This ensures they are equipped with all the knowledge and resources so you don't have to walk them through every detail. 

They are required to be teachable & open to learning new things, as well as always seeking to improve their work. This attitude is central to bringing a great service to you. 

Committed to Excellence

We don't do our work halfway. We complete the tasks & project we work on with excellence. We under promise and over deliver.  We are always learning & growing, as well as keeping a keen eye on market trends & ever changing technological opportunities. 

We will work with & for you as you trust us to serve & help your business succeed so you can focus on the bigger aspects of your life. Don't spend time on things that others can do for you. Your time is way more valuable than that. Spend your time dreaming,  strategizing, planning your next big launch, & most importantly, spend time with those who you love. Don't let the tasks needed to run a business keep you from your professional & personal success. 

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